The Collective

The Collective is a retail space envisioned as a co-op of multiple different local artists/designers/stylists. It’s located in the MX building downtown right next to Pi and the new movie theater. The owner/imaginer, Nicole Benoist is cool. The designer/stylist for the space, Sara Hence is talented. We’ve got friends that were already signed up to display in the shop as well so when we were asked to produce a few pieces for the project we wanted in.

Made almost entirely from reclaimed/recycled material, we created 4 display-style cases. Each is dived up into 4 quadrants that are individually lockable for individual retailers to ‘lease’ per the terms of the agreement.

Three low cases and the one tall cabinet are constructed of reclaimed barn and warehouse wood. All the glass is salvaged from a local liquidation company (actually the defining size constraint of each piece). The cases sit on steel bases (considered 99% recycled/recyclable) with casters.