Richmond Heights Home

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On a steep and narrow, overlooked lot in Richmond Heights, MO we built a modern house. Being the Midwest, and as the first ground-up project in our young firm’s portfolio, we had to work hard for it. The process included months of deliberation with the municipality, editing $100k out of the budget, and losing our original GC halfway through the process. In the end, we created one of The City’s only affordable, modern, energy efficient, new homes and one that still satisfies the clients’ wishlist and budget.
Modern home building in St Louis is a challenge, especially on an unusually narrow and steep parcel of land in an otherwise traditional neighborhood. It took two public hearings and an online awareness petition to gain approval for the design due to its ‘unusual aesthetic,’ clad in cedar, steel, and brick. Our proactive approach in show of community support generated over 200 local backers, early press coverage, and ultimately the approval of the Richmond Heights architectural review board.
With the design approved and construction scheduled, the project was dealt another blow as the original GC company dissolved. The resultant bidding phase exposed a home that was nearly $100k over budget. This was a big miss for sure, so to keep some of what we believed to be the most dynamic features of the project mademan opted to self-perform all of the steel fabrication including structural, cantilevered beams at the deck and porch/stairs, as well as all railings throughout the house.

st louis modern architecture home design

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Richmond Heights Home by mademan design, St Louis MO

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modern architecture home design in st louis, mo by mademan design - nick adams

Richmond Heights Home by mademan design, St Louis MO

Richmond Heights Home by mademan design, St Louis MO